First capsule transportations test by Virgin Hyperloop.

First capsule transportations test by Virgin Hyperloop.

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Virgin Hyperloop was founded in 2014 and received investments from Virgin Group in 2017. It was formerly known as Hyperloop One and Virgin Hyperloop One.
The first experience of transferring by capsules into tubes from the Virgin Hyperloop Company

Capsule Vehicle

The experiment was carried out by transporting two company employees inside the capsule with a test path of 500 meters length and a duration of only 15 seconds, i.e., at a speed of 107 mph (172 km / h).

The company aspires to transport at a speed of 1000 km / h.
The experience was comfortable for the passengers as they wore comfortable, not complicated suits.

Virgin Hyperloop members in the capsule vehicle.


capsule design.

Both external fairing and interior have been designed in meticulous details, with comfort, safety, and passenger experiment in mind. A completely new vehicle typology design by BIG Builds.

This concept is based on the world's fastest magnetic lift (maglev) trains, which are then accelerated by velocity along the evacuated tubes.

capsule vehicle.

The world record for Maglev train speed was set in 2015 when a Japanese train reached 374 mph in a test run near Mount Fuji.

Here a testing of Virgin Hyperloop capsule vehicle video.


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